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Information for tourist about Penza

Moscow is often called the city on seven hills. But not the only capital of the Russian Federation can boast of this title. Rome, Edinburgh, Jerusalem, Kiev, Vilnius and other cities are built on the same number of hills. On the assurances of local people in this list is included Penza which is located on the banks of the river. Young by historical standards the city (founded in the XVII century) on seven hills and two rivers, Sura and Penza, attracts tourists not only for its location but also for the sights.

Penza population is just over half a million people. Despite its size and small number of attractions, Penza makes a good impression. The atmosphere of this provincial town, its architecture with two-story buildings and low bridges plunges into relaxed lifestyle. Beautiful panoramas and the lack of fuss create its own special lyrical tune.

Penza is the administrative center of Penza region. The city is divided into four administrative districts: Zheleznodorozhny, Lenin, Pervomaisky and October. Last is the largest and most densely populated district. It is located in the northwest of the city. There are also a large number of factories of Penza.

In addition to Sura which is the largest river territory of the city crossed by several other rivers: Old Sura Ardym, Penza, Penzyatka, Barkovka, Moika, creeks Bezymyanny and Prokop.

In Penza prevails continental climate, so winter here is stay for a long, but at the same time, to replace a frosty sister comes a warm summer.

The oldest street of Penza is Moskovskaya. It was formed simultaneously with the appearance of the city. In this place you can taste all the delights of the city and enjoy its original beauty and attractions. The central pedestrian avenue is also a great place not only for sightseeing but also for the living, because you can look into the heart of Penza right out your window.

Moskovskaya Street allows you to get acquainted with the architecture of the old Penza. Here you can go on an interesting walk. On this street there are interesting buildings that need attention. This is a kind of local "Arbat" existing throughout the urban development. Originally the street was known as the Sredne-Posadskaya. In the first half of the XVIII century it was renamed in Moskovskaya. This is explained by the fact that the road to Moscow was in the end of street.

In 85 building is located the meat passage, built in 1895-1897. As its name suggests, this building was the meat trading platform, but, despite its absolutely not exquisite destination, it looks pretty nice. Six tents and brick masonry figured do they work. It is impossible to pass the Meat passage. The Philharmonic Hall is located at 34 bld., and in the 89 bld. is Regional Drama Theater named after Lunacharsky.

As you can see, Moskovskaya Street is really rich in architectural monuments, but its main treasure is an amazing light and music fountain and cuckoo clock. One of the main attractions of the city is in the park on Moskovskaya Street. Here you can purchase unique items by local artists and masters of national crafts. To be near everything and near the mail things you should choose among flats for rent in Penza central part of the city is more popular. 

At the intersection of Moskovskaya and Karl Marx Streets mounted a memorial stone of Yemelyan Pugachev in honor of the memorable events of August 2, 1774. On this day in the house of a merchant Koznov, on which the place now is a monument, Pugachev was stopped when he entered the Penza.

In addition to the main street of Penza, perfectly suitable for hiking, there is another place - the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Belinski. Near the park is a remarkable house - Futuristic. This place is visited by famous artists and poets futurists.

Be sure to visit the Monument "Pervoposelenets" located near the Trinity Convent on the Kremlin hill of Penza. The monument is dedicated to the founders of the city and its first residents. Here, undeveloped beautiful observation platform with amazing views over the city. On the other hand you can see preserved remains of the ramparts.

Nearby stands a two-story yellow house with a plaque. This building is remarkable that small Mikhail Lermontov with his grandmother stayed in it during a visit to Penza.

A nice feature of Penza - the children will not be bored here. There area lot of entertainments, many of which will be interesting to parents. Amuse younger guests of Penza you can not only in gaming rooms of entertainment centers, but also in the circus performances, performances of the regional theater of young spectator or in the Puppet Theatre "The Doll's House."

Adult theater fans are more interested in regional theater Lunacharsky. Connoisseurs of this art form will certainly appeal to the center of the museum theater "Meyerhold's House", formerly known as the Museum of Performing Arts.

Both children and adults have a great time in communion with nature at a local botanical garden named after Sprygin and city recreation park named Belinsky, where you can ride on a cable car and visit the planetarium.

One of the prides of Penza is Penza Zoo on Krasnaya Street, numbering about 200 species of wild animals and birds. The collection is replenished every year. In addition, the zoo has a unique collection of trees and shrubs and herbaceous species.

 Zoo was opened on January 1, 1981 in the former of bishop's garden. Mentions of the last belong to 1848. Zoo entrance is decorated with a magnificent sculpture of a lion.

On the outskirts of the city in a wooded area lies children's railway, the beginning of functioning of which dates back to 1985. Here are trained students and schoolchildren and ordinary citizens.

Church of Transfiguration of the Lord is the oldest building in the city. It is situated on Gogol Street. Presently, there are many sacred places that will be interesting to visit. Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin on Chkalov Street, built in the style of Russian baroque in 1765. Church of St. Mitrofan Voronezh Bishop, on the street Vodopyanova, built in 1836. It houses the miraculous icon the Mother of God, donated by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The legend says that the icon was saved Penza in 1717 in the great Kuban massacre.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin on the street Zakharova was built in 1905 in the Russian-Byzantine style. In Penza is also a mosque for Muslims.

For those who are more interested in the history of the city, facts and events that took place in Penza, it will be useful to visit unique museums of the city. Penza Museum of Folk Art elaborately decorated with carvings, this splendor will impress any visitor. The museum gives you a chance to get acquainted with the samples of Abashevskaya clay toys and crafts. In Penza Regional Art Gallery named after Savitsky presented works of Western European and Russian art.

Guests of the city like most Museum of single painting named after Myasnikov. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that in it once in two or three months, exhibit just one single picture, which is a great heritage of Russian and Western European art. The exhibition is accompanied by an interesting story of the artist's biography, history of the paintings, literary and artistic activity. There will also be interesting Literary Museum and the Museum of Performing Arts named after Meyerhold.

Suburb of Penza is as remarkable as the city itself. At 2 km from the city, near the former Zasursky forest, is the village Akhuny. Its suburb is bordered pine grove. At this point, more than 10 years ago was built a wooden church of St. Nicholas. You can find exotic trees and shrubs growing in the former forest nurseries.

Akhuny are also notable because they are located near the ancient settlement, which existed in the 1st millennium BC - 2nd half of 1st millennium BC and the IX-X centuries. The village is a resort area, including motels and resorts.

If you ask the locals, what is best to buy as a souvenir from Penza, they will certainly advise get some clay toys. from Abashevo These pipes and whistles in the shape of musical instruments and various figures have become the most famous souvenir from the Penza region. However, in most Penza buy it rather difficult, but you can try your luck in the store at the address Karpinski, 2 bld., "Diva Ceramics" on the street. Izmailov, 34 bld., str. Sovkhoznaya, 15 bld.

Public transport of Penza is the buses, trolleybuses and taxis. It should be noted that Penza is one of the few cities in Russia, where there is no trams. While in 1935-1938 the city was equipped with a prototype of tram - intercity passenger non-electrified narrow-gauge railway. However, this form of transport did not last long because of the instability of the cars. Several times they even turned over with the passengers.

Penza can be reached by plane. This type of transport is ideal for those who value their time. Penza Airport is located on the Central Street, 2 bld., it is in the Pervomaisky district. Daily flights from the airport go to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Airport of Penza "Ternovka" is within easy reach of the city. You can use public transport: bus number 30, 54 and 66, the trolleybus number 7, as well as the taxi number 10a.



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